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> Learning Center > 3 Uses for Solar Pumps in Rural Areas

3 Uses for Solar Pumps in Rural Areas

By: E. Taylor - Contributor - July 30, 2009

In rural areas, particularly on farms requiring irrigation, water transportation and pumping is of the utmost importance.  Solar pump technology has answered this call, even gaining advantage over other systems that use gas or electricity.  The following is a list of just a few ways to take advantage of solar-powered water pumps in rural areas.

  1. On any crop farm, irrigation is paramount.  Lack of water can spell disaster.  Using gas-powered pumping systems means that further transportation is necessary just to keep the pump running, and the introduction of such fuels onto farmland is a potential contamination hazard.  Electrical pump installation comes with complex wiring tasks, and can be burdensome in areas with less grid access. Solar-powered submersible pumps run completely clean, and the only essential wiring is from the solar array to the pump itself.

  1. Where the public waterworks are inaccessible, a well may become the only practical source for drinking water.  It therefore becomes increasingly important to reduce potential contaminants. This makes gas-powered systems potentially risky.  Electric pumps not only add expense, and will fail during a power outage.  A solar pump system can be relied upon as long as the Sun is shining, or as long as their battery storage holds a charge.

  1. Sewage movement is another essential task, especially in a large volume situation, such as a dairy or hog farm.  Efficiency and reliability are the top concerns in such systems.  Solar-powered pumping offers such reliability, as it will not fail in a power-outage and requires no transportation and replenishing of fuel supplies.  Further, solar systems often incorporate digital control and monitoring devices, allowing precise control and diagnostics.

Solar power can provide an advantage to any farm, and water pumping is just one of several possible applications.  Providing a clean water supply to crops and people alike, and transporting waste are perfect niches for such solar-powered pumping systems.  Reliability and efficiency being paramount, solar pumps decrease many potential risks and allow farmers' to focus on what's important.  Follow the link below to browse our selection of solar pumps, including Shurflo, Monoflo, and Sunpumps.

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