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> Learning Center > 5 Things You Can Charge with Solar On the Go

5 Things You Can Charge with Solar On the Go

By: E. Taylor - Contributor - July 30, 2009

Solar energy has the potential to be one of the best portable power sources.  Where there's sun, there's power.  But, what sort of things can be charged with nothing but the Sun's light?  The following is a list of items that can take advantage of this free and convenient energy source.

  1. Perhaps the most versatile portable solar products are battery chargers.  With so many mobile devices still running on disposable batteries,5 Thirechargeable are making more and more economic sense. Depending on the product, solar chargers can rejuvenate a set of rechargeable batteries, such as AA and AAA NiMH, in just a couple hours of good sunlight, at no cost.

  1. Digital cameras are notorious energy-drainers, and running out of power amongst a picturesque landscape or golden photo opportunities can be very frustrating.  Solar chargers are often available that are compatible with cameras that have their own custom battery.  Canon markets a backpack with attached solar panels that can charge many of their products.  Owners of cameras using traditional AA, AAA, or similar batteries can utilize battery chargers as mentioned above.

  1. For the business person on the go, nothing is more frustrating than when their laptop loses power. Solar modules are available that are designed to have sufficient power to recharge a laptop battery, or extend battery life during use.  Many even claim to absorb sufficient energy while on an airplane.

  1. There's a great selection of solar charging devices for mobile music players.  The iPod, in particular, has gained the attention of solar product manufacturers, and boasts a range of solar chargers.  A similar product uses a fan-like device attached to an armband or bicycle, capable of generating wind-power and extending battery life.

  1. The quintessential mobile device, these days, is the cellular phone.  Numerous products can now directly charge most modern phones with solar power.  Many, boasting “universal” compatibility, include several different tips to fit a variety of cell phone power jacks.

Worthy of note here are the many devices, rechargeable through solar power, that incorporate a standard power jack, a car lighter-style power jack, or both, and are capable of charging anything that can be charged this way.  Whatever it is that you need charged when on the go, there is a solar option, once again proving that the rapidly expanding field of photovoltaics offers great potential.

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