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Evergreen Solar Overview

Turning Technology Into Practical Solutions

Evergreen Solar has rapidly become a global technology leader and innovator in the solar industry. And although technology is what they thrive on, bringing it to practical, commercial scale solutions is what they say drives each and every one of their employees. They have been in business for more than 13 years which makes them well established experts in the industry. They're also a public company that’s experiencing rapid growth, and can be found under ESLR on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Evergreen Solar Logo

A Better Way to Make Solar Power

With innovations like Evergreen Solar's proprietary low-cost wafer technology used to make the String Ribbon™ solar panels, it’s no wonder they are recognized as a bright star in the solar industry.  But their unique wafer technology is just the beginning. They are continuously innovating, including a revolutionary method of producing thinner wafers, and unique ways to boost our manufacturing and product efficiencies even further. Add the fact that they manufacture everything — wafers, cells and panels — all under one roof for ultimate quality control, and it’s clear that Evergreen Solar is committed to being the best in the industry.

Wafers, Cells and Panels — All Under One Roof

Evergreen Solar Factory

When Evergreen Solar started in the business more than fourteen years ago, they made a conscious decision to become a fully integrated manufacturer of solar panels producing wafers, cells and panels all under one roof. This allows Evergreen maintain a high level of quality control at every step from growing the first wafer to assembling the last panel. But just as important, it promotes a strong sense of teamwork and the sharing of ideas throughout the entire manufacturing process.

String Ribbon™ Solar Panels ... A Better Way to Make Solar

There’s never been a better choice for solar panels than Evergreen Solar. String Ribbon™ solar panels are made by state of the art manufacturing using our proprietary, low-cost wafer technology.  Add the fact that they manufacture everything — wafers, cells and panels — all under one roof for ultimate quality control, and it’s not surprising then that our solar panels are among the highest quality products in the industry. And that’s not all. Because of the unique way they’re made, they are the most environmentally friendly solar panels in the business.

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