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Landscaping with Solar Lights

By: E. Taylor - Contributor - August 1, 2009

One of the most common applications of residential solar power is in landscape lighting.  Everyone's familiar with the sidewalk, driveway, and garden-lining solar lamps.  There also exists a great variety of  decorative and practical outdoor lighting products. 

Solar ground-lamps are a great way to add stylistic flair to and yard, while at the same time providing a guiding light to the door.  Almost always coupled with light sensors, these switch themselves on and off automatically, eliminating any hassle.  These vary widely in quality and price, style and size.  Many of the cheaper models either don't provide much illumination or are unable to collect enough energy to power themselves all night.  In this case, it is best to account for a products quality before making a decision on a purchase.

Solar Fountains

For outdoor barbecues, the “tiki torches” have practically become an American mainstay.  Similarly styled solar-powered lamps eliminate fire hazards, smoke, and the need for oil refills.  At the same time, they usually provide better illumination.  Many traditional torches can run on citronella oil to repel insects, however this typically creates a lot of smoke and messy refills, and there are solar-powered products available that repel insects.  Bug-zapper style solar lamps provide light while controlling pest problems.  If this is not desirable, many simply utilize light to attract and trap insects, while others emit an ultrasonic signal that acts as a deterrent.

For added style, color, or light in the yard and garden, countless solar lighting options are available.  Hanging lanterns are a great decorative addition to any yard.  More novel ideas such as illuminated address signs, grill-mounted lamps, and portable workshop and garage lanterns are all available on the solar-power market today, and all eliminating messy wiring and energy costs.  Solar landscape lighting: where practicality meets elegance and style.

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