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NBSolar Overview

Ningbo Solar Electric Power Co.,Ltd is one of the worlds leading Photovoltaic (PV) Solar panel manufacturers.  Established in 1966 as a producer of mono- crystalline ingots for the semiconductor industry, NBSolar began manufacture of solar cells and panels in 1978.  Since then it has become a leading manufacturer of high quality solar panels for the global marketplace.

NBSolar Logo

As a demonstration of NBSolar commitment to global leadership in the PV industry, it established  the Ningbo Solar Energy Institute (NSEI).  The institute is staffed with some of the worlds leading  experts in photovoltaic’s, addressing some of most challenging technical and engineering problems in the solar industry today.  Working with the Chinese government and solar experts from China, Japan German and other countries, NSEI has achieved recognition in both China and aboard.

NBSolar has established a global reputation for high quality, customer service and reliable PV products.  This reputation for high quality and customer service has resulted in significant global sales growth. Ningbo currently has major customers in China, Spain, Germany, North and South America and the African countries.  Their reliability and persistence come from years of working to the needs in all places throughout the world.

Typical applications include: Off grid remote applications in rural areas, Military applications, Grid tied city lighting projects, street light powering, oil field applications, back up power systems for railroads telecommunications and traffic systems. 

As sure as the Sun will rise tomorrow, NBSolar will be there for you.

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