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Solar Power for the Birds

By: E. Taylor - Contributor - July 30, 2009

For the nature lover and the bird-watcher, solar power technology is offering convenience, style, and savings.  Solar-powered fountains, birdbaths, and feeders are all available in a multitude of styles and sizes.  There are even solar powered bird repelling devices, built to keep birds out of undesirable areas.

The birdbath has long been a mainstay of the American backyard.  The problem is, the stagnant water in most birdbaths has to be changed to keep it fresh and mildew free.  Solar power offers the perfect alternative.  Simple circulation or fountain-like mechanisms keep water aerated and clean, run completely off energy gathered from the Sun.  The sound of moving water will also serve to capture more birds' attention.  These baths are available in all styles, ranging from small sippers to larger, more traditionally styled birdbaths.  Similarly, outdoor fountains of any style will draw birds and keep them around.  Solar-powered fountains come in a great variety of styles, nearly matching their traditionally powered counterparts.

Solar Bird Fountains

Several other bird products are available, both novel and practical.  Birdhouses and feeders are available that double as hanging lamps, running on electricity gathered during the daytime.  One handy device is being marketed as a humane way to keep birds away from very specific areas.  The power gathered from the Sun rotates a set of perch-like arms, preventing birds from landing on them or the immediate area.  The device is very effective when installed in places such as chimneys, skylights, signs and streetlights, and even boats and docks.  Finally, if it is desired to maintain a birdbath during the colder months, there are several sippers available that employ solar energy to heat water against freezing.

No backyard or garden is complete without the sight and sound of birds filling them with life.  Any homeowner can appreciate these beautiful creatures, and the birds will appreciate these clean, pollutant free alternatives.

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