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SOLARTECH POWER INC. manufactures high quality solar panels and is a leading solar service provider. With well-established distribution lines of renowned solar parts, Solartech Power offers complete solutions to installers, resellers, and contractors to carry out their work in residential and commercial projects.

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Located in the sunny southern California, SOLARTECH POWER INC. is able to fulfill orders quickly from its huge warehouses to any location in North America and Canada with competitive pricing.

Supported by several leading manufacturers in Taiwan, China and U.S. Solartech Power Inc. is committed to deliver total solutions, excellent quality, and customer satisfaction. SOLARTECH POWER INC. is a woman-owned small businesses entity and is certified to ISO Standards. Special metal fabrication and custom-designed engineering items are available and widely used by customers with great satisfaction. SOLARTECH POWER INC. was established in 2001 with offices in U.S., China, and Taiwan.


  • Off grid-connected applications    
  • Street lighting applications
  • Telecommunications application
  • Billboard lighting applications
  • Traffic signal and control applications    
  • Residential & commercial PV system design
  • Railroad applications    
  • Solar products and kits
  • Security applications

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