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BP Solar

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BP Solar

BP (British Petroleum) is one of the world's largest integrated energy companies and has moved beyond the traditional sources of energy to fuel BP's future and help conserve earth's precious resources. Their primary focus is designing and producing solar energy systems for both commercial and residential applications. Solar is one of the new, clean technologies that BP is focusing on, and they have in fact dedicated an entire division of BP to solar with BP Solar. In addition to solar BP is exploring other alternative energy solutions, including wind, biofuels, hydrogen power and carbon capture & storage.

BP Solar is one of the world's largest and most experienced solar companies with over 30 years of creating manufacturing and installation expertise across 160 countries globally. BP Solar manufactures solar panels, film and components in the United States, India and China. BP's wide range of solar solutions are created for homeowners, business and governments.

BP Solar Logo

BP Solar's mission is to provide high quality product and service and cite reliability and longevity as key features of their solar panels and related products. BP Solar is so confident in their solar products that the parent company (BP) is one of the largest commercial users of solar energy in the world. They use BP Solar products to power many of their service stations, plants and offices across the world!

To date BP Solar states that their solar modules will offset more than 14 million metric tons of CO2 during their lifetime - globally. BP equates this to planting more than 5 million acres of trees!

So, Why Choose BP Solar for your Installation?

The designs of BP solar can easily be used to lower the electric bill of the average household. Just about any rooftop can be fitted with solar panels designed to capture the naturally occurring energy of the sun. This energy is then directed through an inverter, which then outputs AC electricity to be used in the home.

BP has a 4-tier value proposition for their solar panels and systems, as follows:

Reliability and Expertise
BP has been developing solar modules for over 30 years and has intensive experience in the areas of manufacturing, design and installations of premium solar systems. They've also tested their products in the most extreme of environments - space satellites, Antarctica weather stations and on wells in Africa.

Value for the Money
BP and can help you design the ideal system for your home or business, saving you money by cutting energy costs and adding value into your property for the long term. BP can even provide on-site monitoring systems so you can watch your solar system save you money!

Guaranteed Performance
BP Solar offers one of the best warranty's in the industry with a 25-year solar module warranty of 80% power output, a 10 or 12-year warranty of 90% power output and a 5-year limited warranty of materials and workmanship.

For businesses, BP Solar's SureGen(TM) system guarantee underscores the low risk nature of investing in a BP Solar Energy Solution.

A Sound Investment
Based on a recent survey by BP Solar, their average customer reported savings of 73% on their utility bills. Additionally, their research* shows that buyers are willing to pay a premium for a home with solar panels, making solar a good short, mid and long term investment for you and your home.

* BP Solar past purchaser study, conducted in 2006

See more information on BP Solar at the BP Alternative Energy Website

BP Solar


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