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Soltastic! Cheap Solar Panels |

How Soltastic! Helps You Buy Cheap Solar Panels

Soltastic! Cheap Solar Panels Soltastic! is a group buying program for solar components, promising to offer cheap solar panels, inverters, and other solar products by utilizing the power of group purchasing. By using the buying power of multiple parties, Soltastic! is able to deal with solar product manufacturers and negotiate wholesale prices for individual products. Once signed up for Soltastic!, a solar professional or individual will be notified via e-mail of each new deal. A typical deal is a brand name PV solar system component at a greatly reduced price. If enough people commit to buy a large enough amount of the product, the deal will go through and everyone committed to the deal will get the component for the cheap price. If not enough people sign up for the deal, the deal does not go through and no one is billed.

For example, a hypothetical Soltastic deal could be for cheap solar panels, let's say at $1.80 per watt. For the deal to go through, 1000 panels would need to be sold. Any individual buyer could buy as many panels as they want, be it 5 or 500. As long as at least 1000 panels are sold, everyone who signed up for the deal gets the products they want at the discounted price.

Soltastic! is designed to appeal primarily to solar professionals and installers who purchase a large amount of solar products. However, the minimum order size for a Soltastic! deal is small enough for an individual project, so individual solar users and do-it-yourselfers will find it useful. By buying cheap solar panels, solar professionals stand to greatly decrease their costs and win more bids while maintaining or increasing their margins. Signups for Soltastic! are currently open at The first deal will be announced once 500 e-mails have been submitted. When this threshold is reached, an e-mail will go out announcing the opening of the deal and its deadline.

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