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Glossary of Solar Energy Terms


Alternating current (AC)
Electrical current in which the direction of the flow is reversed at frequent intervals, approximately 100 to 200 times per second, or 50 to 60 cycles per second (50/60 Hz).

A device that produces alternating current (AC) electricity, either through a motor or other sources, such as water and wind power.

A device that is used to measure current flow in an electrical circuit

Ampere / Amp (A)
The unit for the electric current

Amp-hour (Ah)
The amount of electrical energy related to the flow of current of one ampere for one hour.  Amp hours measure the amount of energy stored into a battery, commonly rated in Ah.

A series of solar electric (or pv) modules connected in a system

A solar panel brand from Chint Solar notable for its industry-leading warranties and products like its Astronergy 230W Solar Panel.


Battery bank
A group of batteries connected together to store energy for a solar electric (or pv) system.  This provides a back-up source of power in case added power or back-up power is needed to supplement the pv system.

Battery capacity
The amount of total ampere-hours (Ah) a battery could provide when fully charged.

Battery cycle life
The amount of times a battery is able to discharge and recharge in a life cycle.

BP Solar
One of the largest solar panel manufacturers in the world. Makers of the BP 230W Solar Panel.

Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV)
Designing and integrating solar electric (or pv) systems within the structure of a building as part of the overall fabric to improve cost benefits and aesthetics.


Canadian Solar
Canada's largest solar panel manufacturer, notable for its strong frames, designed to withstand large snow loads. Makers of the Canadian 210W Solar Panel.

The unit of a pv module or battery, providing the materials to produce electricity.

Cell efficiency
The amount of electrical energy a photovoltaic cell can produce as a percentage of the total energy of sunlight falling upon the cell.

Charge controller
A device used in battery-based pv systems that controls the flow of current to and from the battery system and monitors overall system performance, protecting the batteries from overcharge as well as over discharge.

A system of conductors providing a path for electricity.

Circuit breaker
A device that shuts down power when sensing an overload of current.

Combiner box
A box connecting multiple solar panels into a system.

Material that is used to transfer electricity, typically through wires.

A pipe or enclosure to protect electrical cables and wires

Also known as a Charge Controller.  A device regulating the flow of current to and from a battery system as part of a battery-based solar electric (or pv) system.

The flow of electric charge between two points, measured in amps.


An electronic device allowing current flow in only one direction

Direct current (DC)
Electrical current that flows in only one direction, varying in magnitude.  Produced as the initial form of electrical current from a solar panel.

A safety switch used to disconnect the components within a solar electric (or pv) system.


An American solar panel manufacturer, makers of the Neptune 230W Solar Panel.

Electric current
The flow of electrons measure in amps.

Electrical grid
A sophisticated network distributing electricity across an expanded area.
The movement of electrons that are produced by a voltage through a conductor.

Energy audit
A survey of energy usage to determine methods to reduce overall consumption.

Enphase Inverters
Manufacturers of Enphase Microinverters, the most popular microinverters in the world.

ET Solar
An American solar panel manufacturer, makers of the ET 275W Solar Panel.

Evergreen Solar
An American solar panel manufacturer, makers of the Evergreen 215W Solar Panel.


Number of cycles per unit time within a complete waveform, usually measured in cycles per second or hertz (Hz).  Electrical devices in the USA require 60 Hz.


Gel-type battery
Lead acid battery where the electrolyte is immobilized in a gel.  Typically used in mobile installations or where the location may have movement.

Gigawatt (gW)
One billion watts, or one million kilowatts, or one thousand megawatts.

Go Power
American manufacturers of portable solar panels and small inverters.

Grid-Tied System
A “grid-connected” solar electric (or pv) system generates its own electricity and feeds its excess power into the utility grid.


Hertz (Hz)
The frequency of electrical current measured in cycles per second.


A conductor providing an electrical connection between solar cells.

A complex electronic based power product that converts DC power into AC power and is required for solar power systems. Read more about inverters here.



Kilowatt (kW)
A unit of electrical power, or 1,000 watts.

An abbreviation for kilowatt-hours. One kWh represents 1,000 watts over a period of one hour. Electricity rates are most commonly expressed in cents per kilowatt-hour.

A Japanese Solar company who manufactures many solar panels in America, such as the Kyocera 215W solar panel.



Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT)
A function found in inverters and controllers that match array output to the voltage of the battery or grid, delivering greater performance.

Megawatt (MW)
This term is used to measure the power of solar systems. 1 MW = 1,000 kW.

Small-scale, local power production within neighborhoods and communities.

Describes a unit composed of several solar cells that can be electrically connected, encapsulated in tempered glass and framed. Otherwise known as a solar electric panel, solar panel, or pv panel.

Silicon that is pulled as a single crystal. The internal crystalline structure is completely homogenous, which can be recognized by an even external coloring.

Also called polycrystalline, a material composed of variously oriented and small individual crystals.  Alightly less-efficient material than monocrystalline products.


National Electrical Code (NEC)
USA code for electrical installations, necessary for solar installations, especially to gain approval and certifications for tax incentives and rebates.

National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)
USA trade association setting standards for levels of protection for electrical accessories such as junction boxes.

Net Metering
Net-metering allows the solar electric system to send excess electricity back through the electric meter to the utility. The meter actually runs backwards, with the utility crediting the excess power produced at rates varying based on municipality and state incentives or laws.


Off-grid System
Also called an independent standalone system, when generated energy is stored in batteries and then subsequently used. These systems are not connected to the utility grid.

A unit of resistance between two points of a conductor.


Term for solar electric (or pv) device, also called a module.

Peak load
Maximum usage of electrical power within a given period of time, usually one day.

A particle of light acting as an individual unit of energy

Photovoltaics (PV)
A physical effect causing a voltage to be generated across two electrical poles of a semiconductor plate and allowing current to flow when connected to a receiver. Photo (Greek) = photos: light; Volt = unit of electrical potential Voltage through light.  Also referred as solar electric

This is a crystalline structure of silicon where several crystals form in a mold. Polycrystalline cells can be recognized by a visible grain, a “metal flake effect”.

Rate of work expressed in Watts.

Abbreviation for Photovoltaic



REC Solar
A large Norwegian solar company with manufacturing facilities in America, makers of the REC 230W Solar Panel.

A device that converts AC into DC within a battery charger or converter.

Resistance (R)
Material that resists the flow of electric current, measured in ohms.


Samsung Solar
One of the largest companies in the world, have been manufacturing solar panels for 30 years. Makers of the Samsung 241W Solar Panel.

Material with an electrical conductivity in between metal and an insulator.  Semiconductors in PV cells include silicon, gallium arsenide, copper indium diselinde and cadmium telluride.

A way to connect pv cells or panels by connecting positive leads to negative leads to increase overall voltage, typically connected through wires.

Scheuten Solar
A large producer of solar panels. Makers of the Scheuten Multisol 200W Solar Panel.

Schott Solar
A large producer of solar panels. Makers of the Schott 230W Solar Panel.

Sharp Solar
The world's largest solar panel manufacturer. Makers of the Sharp 245W Solar Panel.

The basic material used to make solar cells. It is the second most abundant element in the earth’s crust, after oxygen.

Sine wave
Waveform in which one variable is proportional to the sine of the other, ideally used for sensitive appliances such as TVs and radios.

Smart meter
An updated electric meter showing the varying price of electricity and usage, allowing consumers to become more informed and make wiser decisions.

SMA Inverters
Manufacturers of solar inverters, including SMA Sunny Boy inverters, the most popular line of inverters in the world.

Solar cell
Smallest basic solar electric device that generates electricity when exposed to sunlight

Solar thermal
Power using sunlight to heat water or fluid for household usage or to drive a motor or turbine.

Manufacturers of small solar panels.

Solar World
One of the largest full-scale solar companies in the world, as well as the makers of the SolarWorld 235W Solar Panel.

Solon Solar
One of the largest solar companies in the Europe, as well as the makers of the Solon 220W Solar Panel.

Solyndra Solar
One of the most cutting-edge solar companies in America, pioneers of cylindrical solar panel technology. Makers of the Solyndra 182W Cylindrical Solar Panel.

Square Wave Inverter
Simplest and least expensive type of inverter, producing the lowest quality of power. Also referred to as modified sine wave inverters.

Stand-alone (or Off-grid) system
When generated energy is stored in batteries and then subsequently used. These systems are not connected to the utility grid.

SunTech Solar
One of the largest suppliers of solar panels in America. Makers of the SunTech 280W Solar Panel.

Surge capacity
Capability of an inverter or generator to deliver instantaneous high currents when starting devices such as motors.


Thin Film
A solar module constructed with sequential layers of thin-film semiconductor materials, such as the Sharp 135W thin film solar panel.  A newer technology that is growing rapidly due top performance at lower costs.

Tracking array
A pv array that follows the path of the sun to maximize energy production.

Transformer or Autotransformer
A device that converts low-voltage electricity into higher voltage levels.

Trickle charge
A low level charge that helps maintain a cell or battery charge condition.

Trina Solar
One of the largest producers of solar panels in the world, such as the Trina 240W solar panel.

True or Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Inverter producing utility-quality sine wave power.


Uni Solar
One of the largest producers of flexible solar panels in the world. Makers of the Uni-Solar 144W flexible solar panel.


Volt (V)
Unit of measure of the force or pressure, given the electrons in an electric circuit.


A sawn silicon disc, used as the starting point for manufacturing a solar cell.

Watt (W)
Unit of electrical power done in a unit of time.

Watt-hour (Wh)
Unit of energy equal to one watt of power being used for one hour

Shape of a wave or pattern representing a vibration, characterizing an AC current or voltage output.


Xantrex Inverters
One of the largest solar inverter manufacturers in America. Makers of the Xantrex 6000W Hybrid Inverter. Xantrex also makes charge controllers.


Yingli Solar
One of the largest solar panel manufacturers in China. Makers of the Yingli 230W solar panel.



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