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How Efficient is Solar Energy

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How Efficient is Solar Energy

How Efficient is Solar Energy Solar energy is efficient enough to make a difference. Since solar energy is created from a renewable energy source, any amount of energy produced is helpful to people and the environment.

To maximize the efficiency of solar energy, many researchers have been improving the efficiency of solar panels, the devices that collect the sun's energy for use. Improvements have been made by optimizing manufacturing techniques and using higher quality materials.

One way of measuring the efficiency of solar panels is to calculate the percentage of the solar energy that a panel converts into electricity. Most solar panels convert around 15% of the sun's energy into electricity. More experimental photovoltaic panels, like concentrating solar panels, can convert 40% of incident solar energy into electricity. These panels utilize varying band gaps and mirror arrays and are used more for large-scale solar power generation.

Another way of measuring the efficiency of a solar panel is by measuring the energy density of a solar panel. Energy density is measured in electrical output per unit of surface area, or W/ft2. A more efficient solar panel will produce more watts per square foot. Currently, the most efficient solar panels we carry are:

1. Sharp 245W Solar Panel, Monocrystalline, Clear, NU-U245P1 with an energy density of 13.97 W/ft2
2. Sharp 240W Solar Panel, Monocrystalline, Clear, NU-U240F1 with an energy density of 13.68 W/ft2
3. Suntech Polycrystalline 280W Solar Panel (STP280-24/Vb1) at 13.39 W/ft2
4. BP 230W Solar Panel, SX3230T at 12.81 W/ft2

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