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Photovoltaic Roof

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Photovoltaic Roof

Photovoltaic RoofHaving a photovoltaic roof is some of the most cutting edge technology around. Photovoltaic materials can be applied to a slate, metal, fiber-cement, or even asphalt roofing surface. Wiring and a convertor are embedded in each roofing shingle or tile.

When installing a photovoltaic roof, the roofer will receive manufacturer’s instructions to drill holes for each shingle’s wiring and then install the tile. An electrician can then pull the wires through the ceiling and gather them into a combiner box. At the combiner box, the electrical contractor can then attach the wires to other required instrumentation and tie them in with the home’s electricity.

A 500-square foot photovoltaic roof can produce enough kilowatts of energy to power 30 percent of the energy needed by a medium-sized home. In at least 39 states in America, you can also sell excess energy back to the utility for credit if your system remains tied in to the grid. The grid is also useful as a backup on rainy or no-sun days.

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