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Photovoltaic technology

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Photovoltaic technology

Photovoltaic technologyThe field of photovoltaic technology is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The need to find clean, renewable sources of energy has been one of the driving factors behind the recent spike in interest. As the technology becomes more efficient and less expensive, solar energy is becoming the most popular alternative form of energy for the home.

The first practical applications of photovoltaic technology were used in space, as a means of power satellites. The terrestrial possibilities of solar power have since expanded exponentially. Aside from providing electricity for many homes and businesses, this technology is quickly being adapted to other applications as well.

Photovoltaic technology can be seen powering more than just your calculator. Many communities are using solar panels to power street lights, parking meters, and a host of other public works devices. Solar panels are also becoming more popular as auxiliary power supplies for recreational vehicles and boats.

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