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Portable Solar

As our world becomes more self-sustaining, we are learning to curb our use of greenhouse gas-producing energies (gasoline, and coal). While there are plenty of options for renewable energy (including wind, hydro, and biomass), the most popular is solar power. Local and federal governments are even providing tax incentives to residencies and business that utilize solar power.

As the name implies, solar energy comes from the sun. There are two kinds of solar power: thermal (heat) and photovoltaic (electricity). Photovoltaic modules produce electricity from the sun’s energy – they are the solar panels that power most of our calculators and watches. Photovoltaic cells are made from semiconductor-material (silicon) which absorb sunlight and transfer it to the actual semiconductors. Once there, electrons are broken off and allowed to move freely. The cells then move the loose electrons into a certain direction to create a current, which can flow to our electronic devices. Set up a solar power system in your home – water heating and electricity powered directly by the sun.

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At the sun’s peak, on a cloudless day, it is believed that it produces 1000 W/m² of power per hour. For a better understanding of how this affects us, the United States Department of Energy every hour (at its peak) is greater than the total amount of energy the entire population requires in a year. That’s a lot of electricity that would normally go unused!

There are many obvious benefits of using the sun’s energy, including environmental, health and cost benefits. Solar power reduces local air pollution, offsets greenhouse gasses, conserves energy and reduces the need for battery disposal. This last point is important especially considering that discarded batteries tend to leak toxins into the ground, contaminating soil and water. More than 12 billion batteries are sold every year – that’s a number that must be reduced drastically to ensure the safety of our drinking water.

Portable solar kits are becoming incredibly popular as emergency supplies for campers or other outdoors-seekers. Most of these lightweight, silicon panels are strong enough to deliver more than 400 watts of continuous power, strong enough to power a laptop or television as long as it’s exposed to the sunlight.

Because of their portability, they are incredibly useful camping supplies – just pack them into a day pack. If a camper/hiker gets lost with a low cell-phone charge, a portable solar kit may be their best option.

Silicon Solar Inc., a leader in providing affordable solar products, claims that most solar kit companies do not actually manufacture their own units. Silicon Solar on the other hand, does manufacturing and assembling. Plus, their immediate involvement with solar technology adds more legitimacy to their products. Since the technology is always improving, the prices for solar power products have been on the decline, giving everyone access to clean, renewable energy.

Solar products also protect your home and investments. Using solar lamps curbs our need for kerosene lamps and other flammables. There is very little chance of power surges, fires and other mishaps. Also, using solar power improves the indoor air-quality of your home.

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