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General Solar Information

Solar Power
Solar power is a contributing source for many other forms of alternative energy. It is also harnessed directly through different methods itself.

Photovoltaic Systems
Photovoltaic systems can provide decades of free electricity to your home or business.

How Much Solar Power Will My Home Produce?
Learn from a real world solar installation scenario to get a sense for how much energy a solar power system on your home will produce.

How To Buy and Install Solar Power in Your Home
Learn how to buy and install solar power in your home. Including solar panels, the inverter, mounts, wiring and contacting a professional solar power installer.

Solar Energy Blog
A solar energy blog allows consumers to exchange ideas about how they employ solar energy.

How Efficient is Solar Energy
Before purchasing a solar power system many people ask just how efficient is solar energy?

Home Solar Panels
Home solar panels are designed to generate energy for the home using the rays of the sun.

Residential Solar Power
Residential solar power system costs are coming down in price and going up in efficiency.

Our Most Efficient Solar Panels
Read about our top 3 most efficient solar panels and the calculations that determine their efficiency.

Off-Grid Solar Power Systems
Off-Grid systems are not tied to the local utility grid, instead they run off of powerful rechargable batteries and battery arrays.

Renewable Energy Education
Renewable energy education is as easy as an Internet search and some time set aside for reading.

Renewable Energy Sources
Renewable energy sources are defined as any source of energy generated from natural origins.

Sustainable Energy
Environmentalists worry that America's commitment to sustainable energy will be hard to maintain during the current economic crisis.

Green Power
Green power represents energy gathered from renewable sources.

Residential Energy Efficient Ideas
Residential energy efficient ideas are plentiful and very do-able.

Solar Distribution
PVPower distributes solar products worldwide.

Solar Solutions

Solar Power Panels
Solar power panels are most commonly referred to as PV panels or cells. PV is an abbreviation for photovoltaic – photo meaning light and voltaic meaning electricity.

Solar Inverters
Solar Inverters convert the DC power from your solar panels into AC power for your home.

Solar Charge Controllers
Solar Charge Controllers improve battery life and performance

Solar Power Kit for the Home - Right for Me?
Learn about solar power kits, and how these packages can help simplify the installation of solar power in your home or business.

Solar Kits
Solar kits are designed for the home as well as for RVs and boats. They may either supplement or supplant existing power options.

Solar Batteries
Solar batteries harness the sun's power and discharge it.

Solar Battery Chargers
Solar battery chargers are the greenest way to recharge many of today’s hand held devices.

Solar Products
Manufacturers are continually expanding their line of solar products.

Thin Film Photovoltaic
Thin film photovoltaic solar cells represent some of the most technologically advanced widths and efficiencies on the market.

Flexible photovoltaic
Flexible photovoltaic technology has greatly expanded the possibilities of using solar energy.

Solar Brands

Evergreen Solar
Evergreen solar focuses on solar panels designed and manufactured for residential and commercial applications. Read more about Evergreen Solar.

Sharp Solar Panels
Sharp solar panels have a long history of quality and are considered to be some of the best solar panels in the world. Read more about Sharp Solar.

Solartech Power
Solartech manufactures high quality solar panels and is a leading solar service provider.

The SolarWorld Group is one of the largest solar energy businesses in the world.

Suntech Solar
Suntech is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of innovative solar energy solutions for a wide variety of customers and applications.

BP Solar
BP solar is a leader in solar energy technology.

Kaneka Solar
Kaneka solar has been a leader in the space for over 20 years.

UNI-SOLAR is the world leader in flexible solar modules.

Yingli Solar
Yingli is one of the leading vertically integrated photovoltaic (PV) product manufacturers in China.

NB Solar
Ningbo Solar Electric Power Co.,Ltd is one of the worlds leading Photovoltaic (PV) Solar panel manufacturers.



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