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Residential solar energy

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Residential solar energy

Residential solar energyResidential solar energy systems are helping the environment on a local level and are becoming more and more accessible. As solar power technology improves efficiency, prices become less prohibitive. Local, state and federal governments also advance the cause by legislating smarter energy policies. Rebates and tax incentives assist homeowners to make the transition.
In other residential solar energy news, there is even a company that advertises renting a solar power system. Under this rental system, you pay the rental company the same rate per kilowatt hour you once paid the utility company. The company then locks in that rate and guarantees it for up to 25 years.
The rental company then rents you the panels and components and handles the installation. Net-metering laws make this arrangement possible and since there only 9 states left in the U.S. that haven’t crafted net-metering laws – this method of generating residential solar energy could work almost anywhere!

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