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RV solar charger

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RV solar charger

RV solar chargerAn RV solar charger is an excellent addition to any RV system. Most solar chargers for RVs are either 12 volt or 24 volt. The main function of the charger is to keep a battery from the inefficiency drains of low-use.
An RV solar charger can also be paired with larger solar panel kits to actually charge the battery itself.
Here are few things to look for when choosing an solar RV charger:
• What is the voltage of the circuit?
• How many amps need to be replaced in the battery?
• Is it a simple solar maintainer for an RV start battery?
• Where does the panel have to be mounted?
• For an exterior install, you will need access to a quick connect/disconnect.
• Is your solar charger/ solar panel for your RV likely to be damaged easily?
These are only a few of the issues that require attention when choosing a good solar charger for your RV. Remember also to consider charge controllers , wire size, and mounting hardware for installs. When in doubt, hire an electrician with solar installation experience to help.

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