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Solar Fountains


Solar fountains are a great and easy way to add accent and style to your home, yard, or office.  They come in a multitude of styles to fit any décor.  Any use you may have for a fountain, whether it be a simple birdbath, a stylish landscaping accent, or an indoor fountain for your home or workspace, there is a solar powered alternative.

Being powered by the Sun, solar fountains require absolutely no electricity from the commercial grid, and therefore contribute zero gas and fossil fuel emissions.  As far as outdoor landscaping is concerned, there's nothing better than preserving nature while beautifying it at the same time.

Solar Fountains

Installation couldn't be easier.  Solar powered fountains need no cords or wiring, and aren't constrained to areas within range of an outlet; just place it where you wish and add water.  The solar panels are often seamlessly incorporated into the fountain, allowing for an especially tidy and streamlined design.  If your ideal location happens to be away from direct sunlight, perhaps under a tree or a gazebo, there are plenty of fountains available with their solar panels attached to cords, which in turn can be placed where it can receive direct sunlight.  These are often quite discreet, and can be buried or placed out of sight.

If you're looking to add some excitement to your swimming pool, there are some great solar options, as well.  A floating fountain can add a unique style to your pool, and great fun for the kids.  Waterfall style fountains accent your pool nicely, appearing to circulate water from the pool itself.  Of course, if you wish to run your fountains at night, a battery pack should be acquired as well.

Solar fountains can also be used inside the home.  Solar panels attached to the fountain with a cord can be placed outside a window or door to collect power.

Solar birdbath fountains come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and colors.  Some designs come in a basic standalone fashion. These may include simple tray or bowl styles, or they may be mounted upon pedestals. Small birdbaths, or “sippers” can attract birds right to your front porch or a windowsill, a traditionally styled solar birdbath can replace that old stagnant piece that has to have it's water changed periodically.  All of these will continually circulate the water, keeping it aerated and fresh, minimizing the need to clean the fountain and replace it's water.

There are many varieties of these fountains available.  Some unique designs, sculptures in their own right, can add elegance to your yard or garden.  Some offer more classic representations of animal or human figures. These often make use of antique material types, such as various stone types or aged bronze.  More contemporary options may be created from smoother fiberglass or even steel. These usually emphasize more abstract forms.  Popular, in-between options are the multi-tiered terracotta or ceramic pouring bowl fountains. These may be single or double fountains. Some may have their surfaces treated for aged, antique appearances or brightly-colored, modern styles.

A solar fountain may also double as an outdoor lighting fixture. The same photovoltaic panel, which powers the water can just as easily, power one or multiple lights.  Whatever choice you make, you'll be safe in knowing that you're not only beautifying your little piece of nature, but also helping to sustain the health of the ecosystem.

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