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Solar Garden

By: E. Taylor - Contributor - April 28, 2009

Solar powered accessories are an easy and affordable way to improve your garden. Lighting and fountains are very popular solution for the modern garden. A range of products, prices and styles exist to showcase your home, prized plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables.

There are three reasons why solar is a smart addition to your home and garden:

First there is no need to run electricity when using solar garden products. The typical setup for a lighting or fountain package is the main unit and 10-50 feet of cord connected to a small panel which charges a battery to power lights and/or a fountain pump. The long cord allows you to place the panel in a variety of places, harnessing as much power from the sun as possible.

Second, solar garden products are self-sustaining and won't cost you any additional money once installation is complete. No longer will you be spending money on electric bills to light the night sky!

Third, these systems are very easy to install. Although all products are different, typically you can be up in running in under 30 minutes. Unpack the box, place your lights and fountain, position the panel and let the battery charge. You're done!

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Spot lights bring drama to plantings and entry ways. Path lighting is a good way to improve visibility along a walkway and along flower beds. With solar security lights you can bring security to a remote part of your home, garage or shed without running new electircity. And flag lights allow you to proudly showcase your flag of choice day and night.

Solar fountains come in a variety of styles and forms as well. Birdbath fountains are a great way to bring natural activity into your garden and garden fountains add drama and the calming sounds of water to any outdoor space. If you have a larger garden with a pond you can use a floating fountain or pump to create a custom garden fountain experience.

With low cost, easy installation and a range of styles garden lighting and fountains can be a great addition to your home!

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