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Solar Generator

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Solar Generator

Solar GeneratorA solar generator works in two ways. The first type uses photovoltaic cells that turn photons from the sun into usable electricity. ‘Photovoltaic’ comes from the word ‘photo’ which means ‘light’, and ‘volt’ which is a measurement of electricity. Many small calculators use photovoltaic cells for power.

A photovoltaic cell, or solar panel, works when the sun is shining and is a great alternative to fossil fuel powered electricity especially in remote areas where it is difficult to attach to the existing power grid. As the price of traditional fuels go up, many property owners are beginning to add solar generators to help defray the costs, even receiving credits from the power company when there is a surplus of power.

Another type of solar generator uses heat from the sun to produce electricity. These generators use a combination of mirrors that move with the sun and focus light on a heat collector. A fluid running through the collector gets superheated and then travels to a generator that runs a turbine off of the steam that is produced. They can be portable, looking like a satellite dish on wheels, or large power towers with fields of mirrors and many other variations.

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