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Solar Lighting

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Solar Lighting

Solar Lighting The most basic type of solar lighting is a series of well placed windows, and open floor plans that allow light to travel unimpeded by walls. By having an open floor plan, where light can travel from room to room and among different levels is a great way to save on electrical costs. With a good layout, light is available all day long, but even at night less electrical lights will be needed.

Some outdoor lights are beginning to use the sun’s rays to generate electricity. This type of solar lighting allows each light to generate its own power during the day which is then stored in a battery. At night, the photovoltaic sensor automatically realizes there is no light and turns the battery on powering the light.
This type of solar lighting also eliminates the need for wires. That can save a lot of time spent digging and burying electrical lines to light a pathway or backyard. Using solar panels to generate electricity for a home will also allow it to be lit at night, as long as batteries are used, otherwise power will come off of the regular electrical grid.




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