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Solar News

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Solar News

Solar NewsThe latest solar news has been happening at MIT laboratories. Scientist there have been testing different ways of creating solar cells and boosting their power. The latest development is an antireflective coating on the outside, so less protons are deflected, and layers of reflective coatings on the inside, allowing the photons to bounce around more inside the panel, and in the end producing up to 50% more electricity.

This is big solar news as the industry has been evolving very slowly, with most people still relying on fossil fuels. It is expensive to purchase photovoltaic cells, and generating enough power to supply one house takes many solar cells. Solar power is the most widely available form of power, but it is difficult to convert to electricity. A 50% increase in efficiency means half as many cells are needed to power the same home, and the material cost is almost the same for the newer cells, meaning it could become much easier to afford solar power.

Another solar news headline says that solar power, along with wind power and water power is the most effective sustainable energy. The newest alternative energy sources such as biofuels like ethanol end up actually wasting more energy than petroleum, anywhere from a 25% increase up to a 1000% increase and still pollute just as much as oil.

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