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Solar pool heater

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Solar pool heater

Solar pool heaterInstalling a solar pool heater is an ideal for improving your energy efficiency. Solar heaters are usually simplistic in design, but can significantly reduce your energy expenses. There are many solar heater retailers on the internet, and most local pool supply outlets will be able to help you get started with one of these systems.
The average solar pool heater is nothing more than a solar collection panel and lots of plastic tubing. Generally, the most expensive part is the collector, but it is possible to build these yourself. Many Web sites offer do-it-yourself plans for these systems.
Many people pay less than $100 to build and install a solar pool heater. These inexpensive set-ups are usually of the "self-built" variety, but are effective nonetheless. For those who aren't so good with their hands, many companies can customize a system for your pool relatively inexpensively.

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