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Solar pool heaters

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Solar pool heaters

Solar pool heatersSolar pool heaters can be simple or complex, depending on the particular needs of the pool. Larger swimming pools will probably necessitate a larger more complex system than would a smaller pool. Researching the basics of these systems is fairly easy and can help you discover methods that you can do yourself.
There are many DIY designs for solar pool heaters that can be easily found on the web. These simple systems are often no more than a length of black garden hose and a pump to push the water. Flat panel solar collectors can often be made from black plastic sheets and tubing.
More complex solar power heaters can include timer components that only allow water to be circulated during daylight hours. These can also be programmed to only pump water on clear days, when sun is at its brightest. While systems like this are generally more expensive, the long-term conservation benefits often far outweigh these initial expenses.

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