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Solar powered lights

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Solar powered lights

Solar powered lightsMany outdoor illumination requirements can be easily met with solar powered lights. These items store solar energy during daylight hours, and use this stored energy as a power source at night. Many residential and commercial landscapers incorporate these lights into their overall designs.
Many home and garden lights that previously had to be wired into your home's electrical system can now be easily replaced with solar powered lights. There are a multitude of designs available to the consumer. These are an extremely popular means of illuminating a dark walkway or driveway.
Solar powered lights are also commonly used in commercial security floodlights. Some of these floodlights have a detachable solar panel that can be placed a short distance away from the light itself in order to capture maximum sunlight. These lights are often connected to a motion detector so that they are only turned on when activated by movement in the area.

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